Started by Katherine Beard in 2020, Jubilee Apparel's mission is simple: to provide you with the most premium leisure wear – which is: 

  1. fully sustainable
  2. free of toxins
  3. ethically made
  4. the highest quality

After her childhood in Poland, Katherine moved to the UK at the age of 10, where she lived and studied until the age of 21. From 2016 to 2018, Katherine worked part time at a laboratory while finishing her Biomedical Sciences degree. During this time, she saved as much as possible to travel during her summer breaks from school.

Katherine realized that balancing her studies, work, and travels created a need for comfortable, yet effortlessly put-together outfits. Because after all, who has time to style new outfits everyday? & at the same time, who doesn't want to look good, even on our busiest days?

In 2018, Katherine searched the market for such a set – but had no luck finding the perfect one. 

That's when the idea struck her – she must create her own.

The requirements for Katherine's perfect set were as follows:
  • Made from the softest, plushiest fabric
  • Fully sustainable and ethically made
  • Contain a cozy fleece inner lining to keep you warm
  • Look "put together" and feel elevated instead of feeling like a slob (we all know leisure wear can be tricky)
  • Look chic as a matching set or separate with other pieces
  • Fit into an elevated capsule closet 
After finishing her degree and moving to the States in 2019, Katherine began working to create this perfect set.

After selling out from her first micro collection in less than a week, she knew there was a high demand and recognized the gap in the market. For the first year and a half, Katherine fulfilled every single order from her apartment in Dallas, Texas. With piling boxes of inventory on top of her kitchen counter, Katherine juggled growing the business while designing new collections and handling all the marketing for Jubilee.

In 2021, the demand for Jubilee's plushie sets kept growing, and Katherine was able to expand the business into her first mini office where she continued to fulfill orders with part time help. In Katherine's words, "My dream has always been to create a team of women, who through Jubilee, are able to support each other, grow together, and become the best versions of ourselves."

In 2022, this dream came true when Jubilee moved to its first warehouse where Katherine was able to hire a team of women who cared deeply for the mission of Jubilee.

Through Jubilee's growth and into the future, sustainability will always be our priority. 
  • 100% of Jubilee's collections are made ethically and toxin free 
  • 90% of our collections are sustainably sourced fabrics and use 100% organic cotton and/or recycled fabrics
To learn more about our sustainability efforts, check our sustainability page here.