Gravita Collection was designed to empower.


Regardless of your body shape, it helps to contour and highlight your body to make you feel confident, sexy and powerful. 

The top is the perfect mixture of not having to work out in a baggy hoodie but also not feeling too exposed in a skimpy sports bra. Long sleeves with thumbholes add to the comfort, with the top being cropped to add the sexy feel to the equation. 

The leggings are high waisted at the perfect length. Our goal was to make sure they are squat-proof but also not too high waisted where it feels like the band is engulfing half of your torso. Pattern with holes around your legs for ventilation and contour purposes as well as underbum contour for that extra lift.  

Gravita collection comes with four colours:

''The Green One'' - Khaki Green is the perfect olive toned colour for any season, stunning on all skin tones! 
''The Pink One'' - Light Pastel Pink great with fair skin tones as well as the medium deep to deepest deep skin tones. 
''The Burgundy One'' - a mixture of maroon with reddish purple tones, looks perfect with a tan! Stunning composition on nude skin tones. 
''The Black One'' - the classic for just about anyone! True black tone is a must have because let's be honest, who doesn't love a full black set for the gym?!

Gravita is the first collection for The Jubilee Apparel. But we don't stop there. With all the positive feedback from this collection we are ready to expand into our next one. Stay tuned for new items, coming soon. xo



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